At Monroe Pavilion, we put a great emphasis on preparing our guests for transition to the highest functioning level possible. This may include an inpatient stay with us, day treatment, vocational skills training or independent living. Each guest is assessed individually and goals are set specifically for their individual program. We strive to reach the highlest level with each of our guests. As goals are met, guests are prepared for the next level of care and living arrangements.

Our Goal is Your Independence

At Monroe Pavilion, we provide a unique approach to care with our Structured Four Level Behavior Management Program. This specially designed goal oriented program offers clients four levels or participation emphasizing movement towards independence. As goals are met, guests progress through each level earning rewards and opportunities for external and internal activities.


Transitional rehabilitation guests are monitored by a physiatrist through a continuum of care.  Guests pursue an individualized care plan, designed by a Physician, Rehabilitation Team, and Discharge Coordinator.
As guests progress in the therapy program, their care plan is modified and new goals are added moving them toward a higher level of function and ultimately independence.  Prior to discharge, our staff works with each guest to ensure that their activities of daily living can be met and assess the home environment, if needed.

The Care Team

The staff at Monroe Pavilion allows for high quality psychiatric treatment modalities using professionally trained counselors and rehabilitation staff who are available 7 days per week. Their services are complimented with 24 hours per day, 7 days per week nursing staff as well as an on-call staff Pyschiatrist.

Specialized Services

  • Structured Behavioral Management

  • Skills Development Training

  • Group & Individual Counseling

  • Pyschiatric Care & Services

  • Psychiatric Nursing Care Including Medication Teaching & Health Maintenance Instruction

  • Community Living Skills with Practical Application

  • Telemedicine

  • Promoting Successful Independent Living

  • Assistance with Successful Transitions in Community Reintegration

  • Psychiatric Respite Services